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tv   Local 12 News at 6  CBS  February 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm EST

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looking at covington. you could see we're starting get into more snow and we'll continue to watch the visibility get even lower as the snow moves through. lots of big flakes. i'm tracking some heavier snow and into the south of the park. that will crossover 275 as it moves east, northeast. we'll watch heavy snow move towards -- amellia south of town. that will continue to move towards bantem and eventually williamsburg. we'll have heavy snow through a lot of bracken county. brook seeing some heavy snow. lighter snow to jericho and union. up to, south of oxford. we have heavy snow moving through southern butler count eye near fairfield and hamilton, about to get some snow. and lighter stuff moving back
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brookville indiana. temperatures are slipping just a bit. you could see a lot more in the 32 degree mark. 33 in versailles. 33 at the airport and 36 at lebanon. the good news, road temperatures are still above freezing in a lot of locations. you could see road temperatures in the upper 30s or lower 40s. that's good news. in the next four hours, we're starting to see the slow temperatures deteriorate. in the next 20 minutes, track the snow hour-by-hour and show you how much colder this upcoming weekend will be. back to you. >> next story sounds more like a horror movie than something that really happened in a local community. >> officers checked out the tip, that involved kidnapping and beatings, turned into a rescue mission. fritta underwood got to have her say in a claremont county courtroom.
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reporter there for her story >> fritta underwood sat in the courtroom are the union township officers, who rescued her from tim ellis and partner collin haynes. the couple offered to take care of fritta, who was disabled. >> she knows, i know, one knows this is one nightmare that mrs. underwood wouldn't want to wake up from. >> nine month of imprisonment and choking until fritta lost consciousness. tim ellis pleaded guilty to kidnapping and assault and stealing fritta's social security checks. it included a photo, what fritta looked like. she was fed a sandwich a day. also the photos, of her chemically burned hands. she was forced to clean with
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>> i think that he really deserves to be punished for the way he treated me. >> the judge agreed. . >> it is suggested if the defendant were left to their own devices, the victim would be in a continued state of imprisonment today or possibly even diseased. fridayta celebrated softly when the judge sentenced him to half in prison. >> if i say anything, to the and kill me. >> she was not able to use the phone, was not able to communicate with other people in the apartment complex. obviously that was a systematic purpose to maintain control over her and to take money from her. >> now fridayta lives in a residents with other seniors.
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crafts and dancing. >> and you get to dance now, don't you. >> oh, yeah. >> so in your new place, fridayta, you feel happy and safe; right?. >> yes. >> and debra dixon, local 12 news. >> and tomorrow, colleen haynes will be sentence for assault, kidnapping and theft. >> investigators say the suspects involved in a gun battle in a quiet suburban neighborhood are not cooperating. two people were hurt and a third person got away from the shoot-out, sunday on oak avenue in blue ash. bullets flew into a house. blue ash investigators say they talked to the person who got away over the phone. so far, the names of the suspects were not released. deer sheep township man is accused of selling his man for sex. and investigators say the man arranged a meeting between the undercover officer and his wife
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man's name. woman accused of hitting a child and driving away, makes her first court appearance. police arrested ruby east step after she didn't show up friday for her original court date. officers say she hit 11-year-old ron done smith in a crosswalk. police say they caught up with scene. her lawyer says she didn't feel safe staying in the area. judge ordered her held on a $17 thousand bond. >> she shouldn't have gotten any bond at all. she has a history of not showing up in court? she didn't turn herself in. they have to always catch her. and if she posted bond, she's not going to show up in court again. >> london smith suffered a serious leg injury that will require surgery. she also has a broken bone on
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>> after a two week trial, federal jury decides chipotle wrongfully fired three jen managers on the bases of their genders. they say a former manager treated male gm better despite the women receiving better performance evaluations. . and a big super bowl party is now a memory. >> the crews were out cleaning in levi stadium. as fans, players, left in a big hurry. denver broncos tweeted the plane home.
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. >> new bill on the ohio house would allow guns to be removed from protective orders. it will allow judges for firearms to be removed when temporary orders are issued. women who have been victims of
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likely to be killed if their abusers have guns. opponents say it's too broad and won't stop someone whose intent will do harm. >> and on the republican side, donald trump faces the biggest questions. could he turn his lead to the polls to an actual victory rubio, cruz are bunched together on the polls. hillary clinton and bernie sanders will continue their final pushes. and they will try to close the gap with sanders who holds the lead in the poll. >> we can see the new candidate. michael bloomberg, formal mayor of new york, he is considering a run for president. today's comments, following the new york times report, bloomberg told advisers to draft a plan as a run for independent. >> former bengal chris henry
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>> breaking news alert now. errlanger police just released the photo of a suspected bank robber. he hit across the silver lake plaza. you could see as a red goatee, gave the teller a note but didn't show a weapon. if you know anything that may help investigators, please call errlanger police. six years ago, bengals receiver lost his life in an accident in north carolina. >> since he donated his organs, his death was hardly the end of the life giving story.
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wife caroline. >> we met her here and asked if she was willing to travel, to reunite with families who are forever changed in her decision, to let chris live on in others [ sirens ]. it was a december, blinding carolina road that chris henry fell, in the back of his life. and for one bengals mom in cincinnati, time stood still. >> that was yesterday. it was like the beginning. >> the talented bengal receiver, chosen to be a bengals. on december 17th, 2009, caroline decided to choose for him. >> his heart was beating. beating so fast, went straight to mine. i got off to bed.
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>> and then the journey began. >> journey where life. >> his family. heart. >> i was telling people, i believe this is chris henry. >> the feeling was overwhelming for den benton, whose husband got the call. liver was a match for the transplant. a gain that gave james his life. >> and courageous decision that gatsby made so we can have more time with me and my family. >> and touchdown celebration for his mother. one love, one family. >> and yes.
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>> >>. >> brian poll was waiting 10 years. >> yip prisoned out of my body. was something from my heart. . >> it's just -- >> you walk into the room and you could tell chris -- >> i felt my son. >> >>. >> donna arnold needed more than love to keep her family together. >> desperate because i didn't want to die. >> needed a kidney and pancreas. chris filled her need. carolyn calls donna her best friend. donna says, carolyn is the mother she lost. >> what is the feeling for you when you touch her. .
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holding my baby. >> feels good. happy that six years, i could still see the progress, you know the need to live on. >> six years later, there's new life. chris's new sons, 6 and 7-year-old demarcus join their mother lany to reflect. in a place that created such sorrow for them, created such joy for others. >> we are a family now >> like it was yesterday, only just the beginning. >> and tom elliot received chris's lungs. he since passed. we have big thanks to share for
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with this story. if you're not a donor, maybe it's time to think about it. >> in the tri-state, we have information. we links to pass it on and donate life ohio. click on the news section and look for the get it now links >> still in the area and still under the winter weather advisory >> we're under the winter weather advisory tonight and into the morning. travel difficulties will be likely in some areas. not everybody in the same time. we are going to see them sporadically through tonight through early wednesday morning. you could see we saw heavy snow. if you were with us earlier, this is in the florence area. that moved through within a half an hour or so. we'll continue to watch snow showers, be kind of sporadic
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conditions. right now looking live from covington. you could see the snow globe with the big flakes, and we will continue to watch that through many locations. and someplaces that are drying out, areas of highland and adams county, around the 275 loop, are kind of snowy. most light, and that will continue to move up 71. and that will cause issues in terms of lower visibilities. the good news, road temperatures are above 72 for now. those will continue to fall. seeing some fairly heavy snow and sleet and rain mixing with a little bit of the this. most snow shower activity like in sabina and port williams. and light snow from independence and heavier stuff, just east of
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this is going to continue to move east, northeast toward nevle. that will continue to move towards southern claremont and brown county. we have heavier batches of snow from areas around brooksville, especially north and around the butler area. that will continue to move east, northeast. you could see, we have a lot more snow on the way. i expect to see more breaks of activity throughout the evening. heavier snow showers will be possible for some areas tonight and through the day tomorrow. this is a very large system. this is going to little bit strengthen overnight. we're under the winter weather advisory until early wednesday morning. that includes everybody for the exception of fayette county much and i want you to be prepared for rapidly changing conditions, in the time frame, tonight, tomorrow and wednesday morning. slick and snowy roads will be likely later in the evening. lower visibility in sporadic
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that will linger throughout tonight. 32 in dillsborrow and 33 at the airport. these temperatures are going to continue to fall slowly. 32 in wilmington. we will continue to fall below freezing. road temperatures will catch up. they are above it. those roads are going to get cold enough, anything that falls may slick. and we'll continue to watch chances for on and off showers, snow showers. and that continues through the day tomorrow as well. we'll top out under freezing, below freezing. we'll be around 29 for a high tomorrow. again with snow showers at times. some of which could be heavy, lowering visibilities. we'll top out around 22, after starting in the teens. less than an inch, wednesday is expected before shutting off for thursday. we may have a few flurries, early thursday morning. it looks like thursday is our
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more snow chances arrive friday and saturday and this weekend. we'll fall in the single digits. saturday and sunday morning, it will be super cold. we top out in the low to mid to upper 20s. those saturday and sunday. >> something to look forward to. >> upee. >> thank you. . it was quite a super sunday. cam newton lost his cool. super bowl xl was finally done, broncos were champs. 24-10, the final. game aired on local 12, drew a national average, 112 million viewers much and it was a game dominated by the defense. the broncos with the best in the league, proved it once again in santa clara. they made life miserable, all day long with cam newton. sacked six times and coughed a couple of fumbled.
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mumbled his way through a short post game appearance. von miller, dominated the team that earneded his nfl title. >> we never really paid attention to the underdog. they talk in their tongue much we know what type of team we are. we are focused around that. enjoy the moment. >> is this the last time we'll see peyton manning in the nfl? wouldn't be a bad way to go out. after the game, manning, said he was going to take time to think about retirement. he also said he would dri a lot of beer. hopefully he's thinking clearly as he assesses his future. >> certainly talk about it with ashley and pray about it to the big man upstairs. right now, i'm still running on a lot of adrenaline. i have not gone to sleep tonight.
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with family and friends. i'm very much at peace however the decision is going down. i'm very much at peace about it. >> beef mode is no more. seahawks running back, marshall lynch has done his things his own way. that includes retirement. lynch announced the retirement by tweeting the picture of his tweets, and his agent confirmed, he's leaving the game after nine proseasons. pair of rosters, signing quarterback, shaqqy brown. they added free agent tackle, who played his ohio ball. and for the first time in school history, wildcats of villanova, got the number one ranked spot. and marilyn is second, followed by oklahoma. xavier moves back to the number
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. >> snow is here and it will stay here for a while.
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